TableTopics Catalog

I have been working on TableTopics catalogs for the past 5 years. When I started, I redesigned the catalog at a larger size allowing a sample card from each edition to be shown while simultaneously simplifying the overall design. Since then I have adjusted the catalog layout each year as the content and page count has changed. Praise for the 2015 catalog: "GOOD WORK on the graphics for the cover of the new catalog. Really sharp. Very hip. Very almost Andy Warhol looking. Bravo." Product photography © Eric Muetterties Photography.

TableTopics is a collection of conversation starters meant to spark fun, interesting, and meaningful discussions around the dinner table, at parties, on dates, on road trips — wherever! TableTopics products are currently sold in over 3,500 specialty retail stores throughout the U.S., Australia, Canada and the UK, and has been translated into Spanish, Dutch and Portugese.

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